VZ Creative Group is a full-service company that specializes in content creation, whether it’s business plans, marketing collateral, graphically designed ads, or photographs and videos. Yet, VZ Creative is not your typical agency. It’s composed of two content marketing free-spirited experts, who combined their talents, their love of coffee and for each other to bring VZ Creative to life. VZ’s duo believes that collaboration should be as exciting and fun as the end result.

Meet the V and Z of VZ Creative Group:

Camilo Valencia

Visual Director

Camilo Valencia is a creative artist who thrives on excessive amounts of coffee.

Since 2010, Camilo has been providing branding and identity services for startups, established companies, fashion companies, realtors and entertainers. However, after a decade of gaining experience in various industries, Camilo decided to partner up to bring to light VZ Creative Group.

Camilo began his creative career after attending the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. Yet he admits to be an empirical self-taught artist always seeking for a new design technique or marketing software to learn. He believes school is not the end, but the beginning.

Fueled by lots of coffee, his designs go far beyond your typical logos, business cards, or album covers; Camilo also has experience in the fields of corporate identity design, digital marketing, brand strategy, email marketing and social media organic growth, as well as photography, videography, video editing, and print management.

Past clients have included the likes of Sieber International Realty, The ONE Agency, Pasteur, Reikon, and Corona Law Firm, among others.

On the personal side, when Camilo is not looking at a computer screen, which is not often, you can find him watching movies with his family, building legos with his son or strolling through the streets of Hollywood.

If you want to connect and discuss business with Camilo, please don’t hesitate to do so:

Fatima Zimichi

Marketing Director

High-heels-wearing writer, marketer & new media geek, Fatima Zimichi, wears lots of hats, literally and figuratively speaking.

She is a marketer and brand developer with experience in the fast-paced world of entertainment, technology, journalism, as well as financial planning.

As an accomplished and experienced writer, Fatima uses the talent she developed as a Magna Cum Laude Graduate of Barry University and her experience from working with companies such as The ONE Agency, ClearCi, Northwestern Mutual and The Miami Herald to partner up and bring to life VZ Creative Group.

Fatima began her writing career at The Miami Herald interviewing musical talent as The Gipsy Kings, Russell Simmons, Common, and Pharrell along with city leaders and entrepreneurs in growing and emerging markets. Today, Fatima uses her writing talent in the fields of business plan writing, marketing and brand development which has led to several investment acquisitions and small business awards for her clients.

When not working, Fatima likes to write about women in today’s society. This passion began when she wrote her thesis: “Linguistic Difference Between the Genders.” This led her to contribute a chapter to the Encyclopedia of Domestic Violence and Abuse, which published on July 31st 2013.

Personally, Fatima is a family lover, a partner in crime to her younger sister, a movie enthusiast, and a nature lover.

If you want to connect and discuss business with Fatima, please don’t hesitate to do so: